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AIA's Mike O'Malley talks volunteering after a natural disaster in Nerdwallet

September 18, 2017 - Homeowners and auto insurance policies generally cover volunteer activity, with some important exclusions....

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AIA’s Mike O‘Malley Discusses Hurricane Irma’s International Impact with CBC

September 12, 2017 - AIA’s Mike O'Malley spoke with CBC’s Carolyn Ray about the impact Hurricane Irma is having on Canadians with property in Florida. You don't have to be there to move ahead with the process, O’Malley noted; but "[m]ost policies are going to require you to report [damage] as soon as reasonably possible. You need to have somebody with keys to your house down there.”...

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AIA’s Jim Whittle Explains Hurricane-Related Business Interruption to CNBC

September 11 - “Business interruption coverage typically covers physical damage and may apply to shutdowns, revenue losses and to pay fixed costs like salaries and health care for employees who can't work in a natural disaster”, Whittle told CNBC....

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AIA's Ron Jackson discusses North Carolina's ASC fee schedules in WorkCompCentral

September 8, 2017 - American Insurance Association (AIA) Southeast Region Vice President for State Affairs Ron Jackson says that the trial court's decision to invalidate the ASC fee schedule was "incorrect." He adds, "The General Assembly clearly directed the commission to adopt regulations to address costs for all medical facilities. The lower court's (and ASC's) reading of the law would lead to the absurd result of ASCs being paid more than hospitals for performing the same services — all at the expense of North Carolina employers."...

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AIA's Alison Cooper praises proposed changes to New York's workers' compensation system in WorkCompCentral

September 6, 2017 - The American Insurance Association (AIA) lauds the Workers' Compensation Board for updating the guidelines. "The adoption of new, up-to-date guidelines should help reduce costs to the system while ensuring that schedule loss of use awards for injured workers are based on the most current medical evidence in order to accurately determine levels of impairment," says AIA Northeast Region Vice President for State Affairs Alison Cooper. "We also appreciate the efforts to bring structure and guidance to the independent medical examination process and look forward to working with the board to effectuate this goal."...

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AIA's Wes McClelland praises the House's passage of the FSOC Insurance Member Continuity Act in Business Insurance

September 6, 2017 - “We applaud the House’s passage of this bill because it ensures that an individual with expert knowledge of insurance and policyholder issues will maintain a seat at the FSOC table regardless of the political changes in Washington,” the American Insurance Association’s Wes McClelland, vice president for federal affairs, said in a statement on Tuesday. “We thank Mr. Woodall for his continued leadership and look forward to the Senate continuing the process and sending a bill to the president's desk.”...

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AIA's Mike O'Malley gives hurricane preparation tips in Nerdwallet

September 6, 2017 - Once you’ve returned home and surveyed the damage, call your insurance agent or company to initiate a claim. If you can prevent further damage by doing things such as securing a tarp over a hole to prevent further leaking, do so, and keep receipts for the claim, O’Malley says....

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