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Asbestos Liability Reform


   Asbestos Liability Reform

As insurers of many entities dealing with asbestos-related claims, our members have a keen interest in ensuring the long-term viability and credibility of the asbestos bankruptcy trust fund system, as well as the fairness of the tort system to solvent companies.  Unfortunately, both of these compensation mechanisms have been subject to double-dipping and dubious claims against companies who aren’t responsible for asbestos exposure.  The current system needs to be reformed so that resources can be focused on those who need and deserve them the most.

To join our efforts to bring about asbestos liability reform, contact Joanne Brodt, AIA’s director of membership.

For press inquiries or to speak with our experts on this issue, contact Maggie Seidel, AIA’s vice president of public affairs.


Maggie Seidel
(202) 828-7196

Courtney Thomas
(847) 553-3602

Joanne Softcheck
(847) 553-3825