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Bad Faith

On its face, a “bad faith” law provides laudable consumer protections.  Unfortunately, experience has shown that these laws are actually just a tool that trial attorneys use to generate pointless lawsuits or unwarranted damage awards.  Given that existing law already provides protections against bad conduct, bad faith outcomes have almost exclusively been connected to greater costs – to the primary benefit of trial attorneys – not improvements for policyholders.  Where “bad faith” laws have been invalidated or rejected, insurance costs decreased to the benefit of policyholders.  AIA is working to ensure more states follow this path.

To join our efforts on this issue, please contact Joanne Brodt, AIA’s director of membership.

For press inquiries or to speak with one of our “bad faith” experts, please contact Maggie Seidel, AIA’s vice president of public affairs.


Maggie Seidel
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