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Catastrophe Central

Do you need to prepare yourself, your family, your home, or your business for a natural disaster? Are you looking for information to help with the recovery process? Are you hoping to improve your community’s long-term resilience for the future?  

AIA may be able to help. Below are some resources and information to prepare for any kind of disaster, guide you toward emergency resources and information, and help you navigate the recovery process. 


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How Do I Prepare for a Wildfire?

AIA encourages communities to think proactively about building smart and strong before a wildfire starts. Wildfires can occur anywhere in the country and at any time throughout the year, but your community is at a higher risk if it hasn’t rained in a while or if it’s particularly windy. 

There are lots of resources out there to protect yourself and property, including fire-resistant building materials, evacuation planning assistance, and fire prevention tips. The National Institute of Building Sciences recently found that every $1 invested in wildfire mitigation saves $3 in rebuilding costs, so preparing now could make all the difference for you and your family.

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What Should I Do During a Wildfire? 

First and foremost, stay safe. Wildfires can spread quickly and unpredictably, so it’s important to follow any evacuation warnings in your area. Sign up for emergency alerts in your community and move quickly to a safe location. 

Your state or local government has a number of channels through which it communicates important updates. These could include food bank locations, safe places to take shelter, and other forms of assistance. 

Finally, while you are away from your home, keep track of all your recovery-related receipts and expenses, including those for meals and lodging – these may be covered under the “additional living expenses” portion of your insurance policy.  

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How Do I Recover From a Wildfire? 

Make sure you don’t return to your property until fire officials have said it is safe to do so. As you and your neighbors begin the recovery process, remember that everyone responds to tragedies in their own way. There are several resources available that can help you wrestle with a disaster’s emotional toll. 

As you begin cleaning up your property, make sure you follow public health guidance on safe clean-up procedures and wear heavy gloves and thick-soled shoes. Prepare a list of damaged property, and photograph or video damaged items and areas. Provide this list, with as much detail as you can, to your insurer or agent, so that they can process your claim as quickly as possible. 

Finally, use this opportunity to rebuild stronger. Take advantage of preparation resources to make your home more fire-resistant, so you are ready for whatever comes your way next. 

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